BookCon Freebies!

This past June I had the chance to go to BookCon, an annual convention for writers, publishers, and book lovers all over the country. Now that I live in New York it feels there are events like this everywhere, and while ComicCon skews a little too nerdy for me, BookCon seemed right up my alley.Continue reading “BookCon Freebies!”

The Night Circus: Erin Morgenstern

I like to call myself an aspiring fiction writer, although some days are better than others when it comes to productivity. My current project is an experiment in magical realism, and for research, I picked up a handful of books well-known in the genre. Along with Borges and Garcia Marquez, there was The Night Circus.Continue reading “The Night Circus: Erin Morgenstern”

Scott Pilgrim (Series): Bryan Lee O’Malley

My boyfriend and I rarely agree when it comes to art. He’s a computer nerd with a love for action movies, video games, and comics. I’ve always preferred books, music, and sports. We’ve found a few points of intersection over the years: Studio Ghibli films, Paul Simon albums, live theatre. Not much else. Recently IContinue reading “Scott Pilgrim (Series): Bryan Lee O’Malley”

The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton

I found my copy of The Outsiders at a used bookstore downtown, it was a slim little volume tucked away between larger books. The books were being sold for a dollar each, and I’ve never been one to resist a deal like that! So I scooped it up and added to the pile I boughtContinue reading “The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton”