Pigs in Heaven: Barbara Kingsolver

So, I’ll start by saying that I rarely read series books. As a child I tore through Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events, but as I got older I started to prefer self-contained works rather than a longer series. I found Pigs in Heaven at on a Goodwill discount shelf and had noContinue reading “Pigs in Heaven: Barbara Kingsolver”

Honey and Salt: Carl Sandburg

I’ve never been a connoisseur of poetry. I had a phase in which I devoured Sylvia Plath, and I dabbled a little in reading the romantics after a college course, but my knowledge of poetry is scant to say the least. All I’d read of Carl Sandburg was “Chicago”, just the poem itself, not evenContinue reading “Honey and Salt: Carl Sandburg”

The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton

I found my copy of The Outsiders at a used bookstore downtown, it was a slim little volume tucked away between larger books. The books were being sold for a dollar each, and I’ve never been one to resist a deal like that! So I scooped it up and added to the pile I boughtContinue reading “The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton”